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Bedazzled review

Posted : 2 weeks, 5 days ago on 4 July 2014 09:22 (A review of Bedazzled)

While this remake may not on the same level of its original its still a decent enough comedy and not as bad as others make it out to be. I know by this time a lot of people had already grown tired of Brendan Fraser but honestly i didn't think he is all that bad in this. While the film can be funny in parts it can also be completely bland in others which makes the movie seem a bit longer then its 90 minute running time. Of course i would have to say the best part of the whole movie was Elizabeth Hurley as "The Devil" her acting was undoubtedly sexy and she looked absolutely stunning especially with all the different outfits she was in. When it comes down to it though id say just skip over this and watch the original as its way better and the only real reason to watch this is for Elizabeth Hurley.

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Her review

Posted : 2 weeks, 6 days ago on 3 July 2014 11:44 (A review of Her)

"Sometimes I think I have felt everything I'm ever gonna feel. And from here on out, I'm not gonna feel anything new. Just lesser versions of what I've already felt."

Well I've seen a lot of Director Spike Jones work but i would honestly have to say that Her is now my favorite film of his also his best work to date. Coming off his rather underwhelming 2009 adaptation of Maurice Sendak children's book "Where the Wild Things Are" Spike Jones shows that he can still make a wonderful movie despite the long breaks between making films but at least he keeps busy with shorts films and documentaries. I would to say the movie is a mix of four genres its part, Sci-fi, Romance, Drama, and Comedy, though the comedy aspect of the movie is more so in the first half while the second half tends to more drama driven. Many of the the scenes were beautifully shot and it only added to how immersed you get wrapped up into the characters lives.

The movie follows Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) a quiet, lonely man working as writer for a company that writes personal letters/poems for people that cannot. After sometime of being unhappy because of his unfinished divorce Theodore decides to purchase a new type of operating system for his computer that basically turns it into a artificial intelligence that has its own personal name Samantha (Scarlett Johansson). We see Theodore and Samantha grow a pretty normal relationship together except for the fact that she isn't really there which happens linger on her mind a lot. Theodore finally signs the divorce papers and meets with his ex-wife Catherine (Rooney Mara) which doesn't go so well and after this part Theodore and Samantha's relationship is never really the same as we see them grow apart.

The story is simplistic yet beautiful and the performance by Joaquin Phoenix was just absolutely phenomenal. I do have a few problems with the film though, since its based in the future you would think Samantha's operating system would have at least been able to render a face for her on the little phone thing Theodore has also for having a awesome concept the story sadly stays safe and doesn't really add anything new. The whole first half of the movie was really funny especially the little guy in the video game Theodore was playing as he was flipping hilarious. It seems the company Theodore worked at liked having people that had mustaches and wore their pants high on their waist which was just completely hilarious but only gets more funny when you see Chris Pratt who plays one of his co-worker i think anyways he too has a big mustache and wears his pants the same.

Overall i give it a 8.0 I would have to say my favorite part of the whole movie was the cinematography it was just stunning to say the least. The beach scene was so beautiful and the music that plays in the background only made it more beautiful. I also loved all the flashbacks the movie has and they were blended in at just the right times for it make to make a more meaningful impact on the story. Olivia Wilde had a small part in the film witched sucked as i was hoping for her to have a bigger part but she was still amazing nonetheless she also looked simply gorgeous as always so that was nothing new.

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Tremors review

Posted : 3 weeks ago on 2 July 2014 11:05 (A review of Tremors)

"We decided to leave town just one damn day to late!"

Tremors is such an awesome 90's monster movie that has a great blend of action, horror, and humor, its also without a doubt one of my favorite films of all time. It being a horror is actually pretty funny because i used to watch it all the time growing up but never really saw it as a horror movie as the comedy in it subdues any horror feeling the movie has but watching it nowadays i can totally see the movie as a horror. Ron Underwood made is big screen directorial debut with Tremors but sadly went on to do nothing else that was this good and now he is a TV director working on multiple shows. Seeing the 6.2 rating here on Listal is an absolute shame, i see so many people giving it a 1 now that is a complete joke anybody that gives the movie a rating of less than a 7 should honestly stop watching movies and reevaluate on how they view cinema.

The movie follows two hard working handymen Val (Kevin Bacon) and Earl (Fred Ward) finding little work in the small town of Perfection, Nevada, and after finally deciding to leave for the nearest town of Bixby for better work they come across one of the fellow resident's dead on top a electrical tower. After a couple more deaths and the towns only road getting blocked we see the few remaining resident's of Perfection fight to survive against a threat they can't see coming. The chemistry Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward have together was surprisingly good, im not sure if these two had worked together before this but after watching this you would think they did. I would have to say that Michael Gross as Burt Gummer was my favorite character of the whole movie the guy was an absolute blast literally also Reba McEntire who played his wife was pretty awesome.

Overall i give it a 8.0 The 2 sequels may not be as good as the first but at least they are better then the god awful prequel they made.

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The Grand Budapest Hotel review

Posted : 3 weeks, 3 days ago on 29 June 2014 02:27 (A review of The Grand Budapest Hotel)

"There are still faint glimmers of civilization left in this barbaric slaughterhouse that was once known as humanity..."

The Grand Budapest Hotel is pure brilliancy and with out a doubt the best Wes Anderson film to date. I think it's rather amazing that Wes can make one exceptional film after another as there are only a few directors nowadays that can be held on the same level as him. Of course If you have not seen any Wes Anderson Film before this than you might not be able to appreciate all the fine details he is able to incorporate into this. I was thinking only a few movies had the chance of being my favorite movie of the year and this was nowhere near it yet surprisingly now after watching this i have it as my top movie of the year beating out Captain America: The Winter Soldier by quite a few points.

The films narration is beautiful done and tells the wonderful story of Gustave (Ralph Fiennes) the lead concierge at The Grand Budapest Hotel in the fictional country of Zubrowka and the hotels new lobby boy Zero (Tony Revolori). After Madame D. (Tilda Swinton) one of Gustave's lovers pasts away he and Zero immediately head to her wake upon arriving they stumble upon the reading of her will in which Gustave finds out that she has left him "Boy with Apple" which happens to be a very valuable painting. This makes Madame's son Dmitri (Adrien Brody) very angry and he tries to get Gustave thrown out of his house despite him not being the actual owner of it yet. After showing Zero the painting Gustave and Zero steal the painting and hastaly leave the area set to sell it off and lay low for awhile although before they can do this Gustave is accused of murdering Madame D. and is thrown in prison.

What ensues from here is one hell of a marvelous thrill ride set to entertain all who watch it. The film has a great balance of humor just like all Wes Anderson films yet i found myself laughing a lot more this time around and i absolutely lost it when Willem Dafoe's character Jopling threw Jeff Goldblum's characters cat out of the window especially when Goldblum looks out the window to see what has happened to it. Wes is the kind of director that like to work with the same actors over and over again if you have seen any of his other films it would be hard not to see a familiar face in this. Seeing so many movies nowadays with a all-star cast that end up being rather underwhelming its nice to see that a director can still put together such a masterful cast and make everyone brilliant it in.

Overall i give it a 9.5 It's going to be hard to beat out this movie as my favorite yet i thought the same thing with "12 Years A Slave" and now i have that as my fourth or fifth favorite film of the year so far. Still though i thoroughly enjoyed this movie more so than any other film this year and im seeing only two movies left with a chance to overtake it.

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Snowpiercer review

Posted : 3 weeks, 4 days ago on 28 June 2014 10:18 (A review of Snowpiercer)

On a weekend where the fourth haphazard installment of the Transformers franchise is released we are introduced to one of the best foreign films there has been in recent years. Director Joon-ho Bong's "Snowpiercer" is a visually stunning, jaw dropping masterful piece of post-apocalyptic dystopian science fiction cinema without a doubt. I actually didn't even know that this was based off a graphic novel until just a few days ago but now after seeing this i really want to check it out to see if its just as great this. Seeing the 6.9 rating here on Listal and the 7.0 on IMDb it just saddens me that people can't see just how beautiful and thought-provoking this film really is and it makes me question if the head guys at The Weinstein Company was right about thinking that this movie would be too smart for american audiences but at least it seems the critics got it right on this one.

In the year 2014 after a failed experiment to counteract the worlds global warming problem earth is soon sent into a deep freeze killing off almost all of mankind. The few who remain live on a massive non-stop state-of-the-art train that travels around the world once every year. The train runs on a class system in which the rich get to live happily near the front while the poor struggling to survive in the back. Now its the year 2031 and people who inhabit the tail end of the train gear up for another rebellious uprising this time led by Curtis (Chris Evans). From here we see them brutally overtake each section of the train starting with the prison section where they find the guy who built all the doors that divide each cart. Maybe the best part of the movie is the epic battle scene right before they overtake the water room in which turns out to be one of the most intense fighting scenes i have ever seen that only few films can match.

A cool thing we see is that the farther they go up the train the more they get to experience how the rich get to live with being able to take showers, eat fresh food, and even being able to see the outside and when they finally do they see that its still just a frozen land barren of all life. Of course the movie wasn't without flaws and i did have a few problems with it but they were nothing too serious that it took me out of my experience while watching it. Unlike several movies ive watched lately where the twists have been a bit underwhelming this movie had a great twist i didn't see coming so that was cool . I don't want to give too much away from the movie but all i have to say is that if your theater just so happens to be playing this id would HIGHLY recommend you go watch this rather than the tedious explosion filled Bayfest that is Transformers: Age of Extinction.

Overall i give it a 8.0 The whole cast was excellent and this is for sure the best we have yet to see of Chris Evans as his acting was absolutely phenomenal hopefully we get to more films like this whenever he decides to act again after he takes some time off after his contract with marvel expires and he kicks off his directing career. Seriously though im glad The Weinstein Company didn't cut the running time on this as i don't think it would have turned out as great as it did.

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Take Me Home Tonight review

Posted : 3 weeks, 5 days ago on 27 June 2014 11:01 (A review of Take Me Home Tonight)

You know i didn't really care to see this movie when it first came out the trailers didn't do anything for me but after my friend said that it was actually pretty decent i decided id give it a shot and surprisingly the movie turned put better than what i thought it would. Now i find Topher Grace really annoying like most of us do but shockingly he didn't ruin the movie the movie for me. The movie surprisingly has quite a few well known actors even ones in minor roles like, Chris Pratt, Michelle Trachtenberg, Bob Odenkirk, Michael Biehn and Demetri Martin which for the most part i can't stand but his few parts in this were pretty funny. The main cast being Topher Grace, Anna Faris, Teresa Palmer, and Dan Fogler which for the most part all did solid performances but for me at least the highlight of the movie was Fogler as he has multiple scenes that were just hilarious.

The story follows Matt Franklin (Topher Grace) a MIT graduate working at his local video store in the mall while trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life. After seeing his high school crush Tori Fredreking (Teresa Palmer) Matt makes it his plan that to ask her out. That's pretty much the whole story, yeah it may be overused and predictable it still makes for a decent romcom. Despite the movie being rated R it still plays it safe with nothing but dropping the F bomb a bunch of times oh and i guess you also get to see some boobs.

Overall i give it a 6.0 Absolute best thing about this movie was the awesome soundtrack loaded with tons of great 80's songs.

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Hot Rod review

Posted : 3 weeks, 6 days ago on 26 June 2014 10:44 (A review of Hot Rod)

"I used to be legit. I was too legit. I was too legit to quit. but now I'm not legit. I'm unlegit. And for that reason, I must quit."

When i first went to see this movie at the theaters i didn't really know anything about it and i pretty much went because i was with friends. While watching the movie i didn't really seem to like anything about it yet my friends were laughing their asses off. So i gave it another chance when it came out on dvd and strangely i happened to absolutely loved it this time around. The movie has a awkward comedy feel to it and does it perfectly i guess some people say this is kinda like Napoleon Dynamite but honestly this movie is way better.

The movie follows Rod Kimble (Andy Samberg) a amateur stuntman trying to live up to his deceased fathers name and to also prove to his stepfather Frank (Ian McShane) that he is a man by trying to beat him up. After unsuccessfully trying to jump the local pool Rod heads home to find out that Frank is very sick and will die soon unless he gets expensive heart transplant. After blowing off some steam Rod comes up with a plan to throw a massive charity event to help pay for Franks surgery by jumping fifteen buses. This is when Rod with the help of his crew, Kevin (Jorma Taccone) his stepbrother, his two friends Dave (Bill Hader), and Rico (Danny McBride), also his hot neighbor Denise (Isla Fisher) who Rod has crush on help him train so he can become a great stuntman and earn the 50 thousands dollars he needs for his stepfather surgery.

The movie has plenty of great scenes but also some that don't hit the mark by trying to be too funny. I would say that the "Cool Beans" part had to be one of the most hilariously random things i have pretty much ever seen in a movie. A great thing about the movie is that it got me hooked on the comedy group "The Lonely Island" which consist of both Andy Samberg and Jorma Taccone who acted in the movie also Akiva Schaffer the director of the movie and now they happen to be one of my favorite music groups out now. What can i say about Isla Fisher in this movie she looked absolutely beautiful also she was pretty funny as well.

Overall i give it a 7.0

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Project X review

Posted : 1 month ago on 22 June 2014 08:20 (A review of Project X)

Project X is the kind of movie you should only watch once as it has absolutely no re-watch value. For the most part while movies based around parties have a somewhat story being told this movie has none its just about one massive party. While the partying may be cool for the first like 10-20 minutes the movie really starts to drags on in the middle and the multiple scenes of girls breast and ass wasn't enough to do anything im mean yeah sure it was nice but rather pointless. For it being a Found Footage film it wasn't as bad as it could have been as most the time im annoyed by these types of movies but i was a problem this time.

The story follows three loser kids in high school who decide to throw a massive party in hopes that it will later make them popular and that's it ensue the partying. The movie had a couple good moments but nothing outrageous i chuckled maybe a few times honestly it was kinda a let down. I think its hilarious that the movie was promoted as "The Party You've Only Dreamed About" because i have been to a rave which is pretty much the same thing and there was at least 3-5 thousand people all partying but that was in the forest and not a house, most people I've had at my house for a party was like 50 people but of course my house isn't that huge. The end does pick up with with how crazy the party gets and saves it from its tedious shot after shot of either tits, ass, people drinking, and people hooking up.

Overall i give it a 5.0 Honestly my favorite characters were the security kids as they were the best part of the whole of the movie well other than the hot women.

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The Incredible Burt Wonderstone review

Posted : 1 month ago on 21 June 2014 09:03 (A review of The Incredible Burt Wonderstone)

"This is what they call magic these days? This is some kind of terrible shit!"

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone is a good movie but i felt like it could have been something more. It seems 2013 was the year of magic movies as we got both this and Now You See Me sadly though neither of them was able to catch the magic i was hoping for. The trailers did made the movie look a lot better than what the final product was but i don't think the movie should get as much hate as it does. Seeing that this came from the writers that bought us "Horrible Bosses" i think its even more of a let down as we know they are able to conjure up major laughs especially when they have a great cast at their disposal.

The movie follows Burt Wonderstone (Steve Carell) and as a child was picked on by others and had to depend on himself but after receiving a magic kit for his birthday one year he finds himself really liking and just ignores all the bad stuff. While at school during lunchtime Burt is doing some tricks when he catches the attention of another school mate who introduces himself as Anthony Marvelton (Steve Buscemi) after complementing on how cool the magic trick was. They soon become the best of friends doing magic together and grow up to eventually get their own show on the Vegas strip. After ten years of doing the same performance every night ticket sale start to dwindle especially after a new hot shot magician named Steve Gray (Jim Carrey) comes to town. After trying to stage a comeback it fails horrible and after getting into a big argument Burt and Anton split up after 30 years.

Now its just Burt on his own he still tries to do the same act as before but it turns out terrible and is soon fired from his job. From here we see Burt try to regain his love for magic and performing after talking to his childhood idol Rance Holloway (Alan Arkin). The movie is does have a few good moments mostly coming from Jim Carrey but for the most part is rather unoriginal and nothing we haven't seen before. One great thing about the movie though is that it shows what a COMPLETE JOKE magic as become with Jim Carrey basically ripping off Criss Angel by doing a bunch of crazy stunts.

Another great thing about the movie was Olivia Wilde and while her character was pointless she was still great also she looked stunning in all her outfits. To be honest though Steve Carell and Steve Buscemi was a let down to me i was hoping for more but im sure its the scripts fault for that. It was funny trying to make Alan Arkin look young, no matter how much make up they put on him he still looked super old also James Gandolfini was great in this i was hopping for a bit more of him but at least what we did see of him was good.

Overall i give it a 6.0 For only being a 90 minute movie it feels like a 2 hour movie.

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Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues review

Posted : 1 month ago on 20 June 2014 12:15 (A review of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues)

"If you've got an ass like the North Star, wise men are gonna want to follow it."

Alright so i already watched this movie a couple months back when it was first released but i never reviewed it and i also only watched the UNRATED version. So this time around i decided that id watch the Super Sized R Rated version and while the movie does add an extra 20 minutes they also change some scenes from the unrated version. Like in this version when Ron and the others are flipping around in the motorhome rather than it showing each one getting hurt by frying oil or a scorpion they just show Ron taking a bite out of a chimichanga upside down. While the film did have a few great parts its no where near as good as its predecessor with fewer laugh out loud moments and a underwhelming lack of quotable lines. Now i have seen a few Fan edits of movies and television shows and while i was watching this all could think about is that this movie would be seriously a lot better if someone goes around and re-edits the film so it has all the cussing this version has while some of the better moments from the other versions.

Picking up several years after the events of the first film Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) and Veronica Corningstone (Christina Applegate) are married and have a 7 year old child together also both are co-anchors for a top news network in New York City. After Mack Tannen (Harrison Ford) the most famous nightly news anchor reveals that he is retiring he appoints his job to Veronica while also firing Ron in the process for lack of professionalism. Ron then leaves Veronica and the story picks up six months later we see that Ron is working at a water part but is soon also fired from that job so he decided to kill himself but hilariously fails. From here we see Ron get offered a job to anchor the news again at a new start up news station called GNN so he reassembles his masterful team again and right from the start they blow up in the ratings by changing the format altering the path of news changing it into the kind of news we see nowadays.

This was actually a really awesome thing about the movie as it makes fun of the kind of news that is being shown nowadays and how its not even about real news anymore just ratings. My least favorite part of this version was the random outburst of singing simply because it wasn't funny and seemed stupid to be honest really not sure what they were thinking when adding that. Another part that was rather lame was that in this version the boss of GNN doesn't want a story to run about plane parts failing off plans as he owns a plane company so instead of saying he will stop funding the news station all he does is to entice Linda Jackson (Meagan Good) by saying that if she just lets Ron do his "thing" that she will became major famous he also tries to have sex with her.

Of course just like the last movie the best part was the epic fight between all the local news stations this time they get even more crazier with the cameo's getting top names like Liam Neeson, Jim Carrey, Will Smith, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Sacha Baron Cohen, Marion Cotillard, John C. Reilly, Vince Vaughn, Kirsten Dunst, and my least liked cameo Kanye West.... UGH!.

Overall i give it a 7.0 The team was still amazing this time around Paul Rudd was just as smooth as he was in the first, Steve Carell was just as stupid this time around but only this time he gets a girlfriend better yet its Kristen Wiig who i just absolutely love so that was great, and David Koechner who shows he is still crazy in love with Ron also James Marsden was a pleasant surprise as i didn't think he was going to be that funny but he was actually pretty good. This movie is in desperate need of a fan edit im just too lazy to do it myself.

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