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American Sniper review

Posted : 1 week, 1 day ago on 18 January 2015 08:34 (A review of American Sniper)

Well it looks like American Sniper is another war movie that's a hit at the box office just like last's years movie "Lone Survivor." American Sniper is looking at being the best released movie in January and its already the best release for a Clint Eastwood movie ever in its opening weekend it has already made more money in one day than any of his other films have over an entire weekend. Now i had actually forgot that this was based on a true soldier "Chris Kyle" and his accolades and it wasn't marketed as "based on true events" so im thinking they did make up stuff for the sake of the movie and now that im reading a article on this matter while writing this review im seeing they did add in certain things so it seems like its elements of fact and fiction. Seeing that the guy has been awarded with over 160 kills you of course do not see him kill that many in the movie but rather over the four tours he serves his main target is another well acclaimed sniper. The Performance by Bradley Cooper is without a doubt his best to date and for sure makes him one of the top talents in Hollywood if he wasn't already i mean yeah sure we did know he can act in drama's but this blows all past performances away with ease. Clint Eastwood redeems himself after his last failure "Jersey Boys" which sadly ending up not being all that good so its great that even at 84 Clint can still deliver a good movie.

Overall i give it a 7.0

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Exodus: Gods and Kings review

Posted : 2 weeks, 1 day ago on 11 January 2015 09:05 (A review of Exodus: Gods and Kings)

Well we got two biblical films in 2014 and just like Darren Aronosfky's "Noah" Ridley Scott's "Exodus: Gods and Kings" is a underwhelming and uninspired film that while may have amazing visuals lacks a decent script to make it anything more than just another average movie from it's director. You know i was really hoping this movie was going to be great the trailers had shades of "Gladiator" in them and it made me hopeful that this wouldn't be like his last films but sadly i was wrong. The acting was decent but could have been better not because a lack of effort from the actors which i really liked for the most part but from the lack of a good script so the actors never really got a chance to show off their acting skills. Now just like his previous films "Robin Hood and Prometheus" they too lacked a good story but succeeded in effects this too looks like it falls into that category of his movies. Seeing the great plagues being brought upon the land of Egypt was awesome and was actually better than what i thought it was going to be so that does make up for its script but just a little bit.

Overall i give it a 6.0 I don't even care that the film was getting blasted for having white actors play Egyptian's and honestly people should really get over this type of shit i mean come on its Hollywood we're talking about here.

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The Maze Runner review

Posted : 3 weeks, 5 days ago on 31 December 2014 10:21 (A review of The Maze Runner)

The Maze Runner is a good movie but its nothing great. Although For me it felt like the movie left out a lot of details the book had but im not even sure if that's true because i haven't read the books yet but after watching this im thinking about checking them out. The first half of the film is pretty slow but tells you what you need to know while the second half pretty much serves as the action part of the movie but even then it seemed like it never really took off i guess that's because this is just the beginning in what looks to be another franchise. Maybe the second film will have a bigger budget so the effects can look better im mean yeah sure they looked great in this considering the films 34 million dollar budget but i think they still can improve on it. The cast was solid although i did find Will Poulter's character "Gally" pretty annoying and i could never take him serious as a tough guy also i pretty much knew from the start that Chuck was going to die.

Overall i give it a 6.5 Maybe ill re-watch the movie after i read the first book and see if that helps.

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Tusk review

Posted : 3 weeks, 6 days ago on 30 December 2014 10:04 (A review of Tusk)

You know i honestly didn't expect this film to amongst the worst films of 2014 with the likes of Transformers: Age of Extinction and I, Frankenstein. Seriously though WHAT THE F**K!!!! was was Kevin Smith thinking when he was making this film its neither scary or funny and all it does is leave you with your hand over your face the whole time. Everything about this film pissed me off from how its bullshit story begins (in the bathroom of a Canadian bar) to its horrible f**king ending. I seriously cant say much more about this film i don't even care to explain its story because it doesn't matter no one should ever watch this movie simple as that. The fact that this is even getting a sequel is a f**king disgrace i just hope Clerks 3 isn't this bad.

Overall i give it a 3.0

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The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies review

Posted : 1 month ago on 26 December 2014 07:35 (A review of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies)

This is going to be a short review then ill do a more in-depth one later.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies delivers on what i expected it to be its a movie with little to no story and pure action and that's pretty much what we get. With the book being stretched into three films rather then its original two it the problem of over-bloating seems to rear its head the most in this film the most. The action was amazing to say the least that was never a problem with these films and just like the two first films Bilbo, Gandalf, and Thorin all kick some major ass. The film does hit the heart strings a few times but nothing like ROTK and while im seriously sadden by that fact that this is the end of the middle earth saga im still glad that we even got these magical films.

Overall i give it a 8.0 oh man just writing this small review was a challenge i wanted to be more descriptive but i feel like i should give the movie at least 2 more watches before i give out my final rating on it.

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The Interview review

Posted : 1 month ago on 26 December 2014 06:09 (A review of The Interview)

The Interview is decent comedy that has its highs and lows while some of its jokes can be completely hilarious that your about to start crying some can fail miserably. Like me if you are a fan of other Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg movies i have no doubt you will end up liking this movie but for me personally i thought this was a (middle of the pack) movie they've done together. I mean its not as bad as "The Green Hornet" or "The Guilt Trip" buts its not as good as films like "Superbad" or "This is the End" its like the same level as their previous movie Neighbors. James Franco was clearly the star of the movie pretty much all of the funny parts involved him while Seth took the back seat on this one and was for the most part forgettable save for a couple scenes.

The story was pretty bland and foreseeable to see what was going to happen which pretty much just left the actual interview between Franco's character Dave Skylark and Kim Jung-Un played by Randall Park and to be honest it was a letdown i don't really want to go into it because id rather you just watch it. So the death scene of Kim Jung-Un was leaked the day the movie was canned by big-chain theaters and pretty much by Sony Themselves and of course with not knowing if the movie was going to be released i had to watch it so i guess that part did kinda ruin the movie for me since i already knew how he was going to die the whole time while watching it so that's on me. I thought it was pretty funny that Sony edited the death of Kim Jung-Un in hopes of not pissing off North Korea which didn't work out so well for them but anyways so instead of flames enveloping the screen and kinda seeing his head explode the original scene was going to have less flames and we get to see his face slowly melt away which if you ask me sounds WAY BETTER!!!!.

Overall i give it a 6.0 The funniest thing about this movie though is that it had a 9.9 based on 42k votes at IMDb even before the movie was released in theaters or online but now that it has its already dropped to a 8.7

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Wagons East review

Posted : 1 month ago on 22 December 2014 07:17 (A review of Wagons East)

What's funny about Wagons East is that even though its such a low rated movie i personally thought it was better than "A million ways to die in the west" and if i had to choose which one id want to watch again it would be this one. While its comedy bits are far and few for a John Candy film i still find myself liking the movie just because of him. The big thing with this movie is that John Candy died of a heart attack nearing the end of the movie while shooting it so they had to do stand-ins and reuse some scenes but honestly nothing that bad. The thing that gets me is that they decided to release the film just 5 months after his death which is a EXTREMELY terrible thing for them to do. The film "Canadian Bacon" which Candy stared in was filmed before Wagons East but was delayed until the following year to release it. Wagons East is a movie that few will like but i think if you are a John Candy fan you should at least give it a watch.

Overall i give it a 5.0 also John C. McGinley as a gay guy was actually pretty funny

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Nightcrawler review

Posted : 1 month, 1 week ago on 16 December 2014 04:35 (A review of Nightcrawler)

Nightcrawler is for sure one of the best film of the year no doubt about that and its another great acting performance by Jake Gyllenhaal proving once again that he is one of the best actors in the industry. The film opens up with Jake Gyllenhaal's character "Louis Bloom" steeling some chain-link fence when a cop roles up but when questioning the cop he learns that he is just a private security guard and proceeds on beating him up and stealing his valuable watch. While driving home after trying the sell the fence and a few other things to a scrapyard Louis stumbles upon a wreckage on the highway and notices two guys filming cops trying to save a woman from a burning car and by the look on his face you can just see him fall in love it. From here we see Louis go from a no name guy with a cheap camcorder recording graphic news stories to one of the best in the game with his own company, a new ride with tons of high-tech equipment, and a assistant. All is not so great though and we see just the lengths Louis will go to become the best in the business even if that means lying to the police. The ending had such a great build up and fully delivered i was on the edge of my seat for about the last 15-20 minutes of the film.

Overall give it a 8.7

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Fury review

Posted : 1 month, 1 week ago on 16 December 2014 04:26 (A review of Fury)

Fury is a gritty war movie that delivers on what i expected from it and while there are a few things i did have a problem with they weren't big enough to distract me from really liking the film. The film follows a veteran tank crew during the end of WWII in Nazi Germany and that gains a new recruit after one of its members dies during combat. The cast does a great job and while i did hate that they were all pretty much complete assholes yes even Brad Pitt although he was still a likable asshole still though that's what you would have to expect in war because war is brutal. The action scenes were absolutely amazing because of how gory it was like right from the beginning we see a Nazi riding on a horse by the tank and from behind the entrance we see Brad Pitt come out from and tackle the Nazi off his horse and stab him in the face a couple times from that part i knew i was going to like the movie. The whole scene with Brad Pitt and Logan Lerman characters and the two girls was pretty boring and pointless but i see why they decided to add it still though it did drag on for a bit too long. The ending battle was truly epic and it showed a lot of my favorite aspect of the film which was the tracer rounds seeing all the red and green bullets racing across the screen was seriously awesome it may be random but that's what i liked the most.

Overall i give it a 8.0

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Interstellar review

Posted : 2 months, 2 weeks ago on 11 November 2014 04:35 (A review of Interstellar)

Christopher Nolan's Interstellar is a awe-inspiring, powerful, and thought-provoking film that leans heavily on human emotions. Now of course people will compare this to Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A space Odyssey and why i do think Interstellar is an amazing film i don't think its on the level of Kubrick's 2001 but while others see this as a bad thing i don't and i wish that wasn't something people judge the film by.

Interstellar opens up in the near future on a dying earth which cannot sustain life for much longer with food becoming scarce and frequent major dust storms it's reminiscent of the 1930's Dust Bowl only worse. The film follows Cooper (McConaughey) a former NASA test pilot and engineer who is now a farmer that lives with his daughter Murph, his son Tom, and his father-in-law Donald. This is where we spend the first 30-40 minutes of the film that serves as the set-up for things come and while nothing really amazing happens here this is where the film builds on its emotion of love with Cooper and his daughter which ends up being the whole underlining theme of the movie. I can understand why people don't like the whole "love theme" of the movie but to those people i want to know if they even understand the movie itself?

Now after using a wormhole or should i say the sphere-hole the group which consists of Amelia (Anne Hathaway), Romilly (David Gyasi), Doyle (Wes Bentley), and TARS a walking, talking, pillar-like, robot thingy they find themselves searching 3 earth like planet to see which one is habitable. On the first planet they show off time relativity which was a really cool thing but this was where i had my first problem with the film, that being the pacing of it. Alright so basically for every hour they spend on this planet 7 years will have passed on earth and of course after something goes wrong on the planet some of the group gets stuck there for what seems like 20 minutes but in fact is like 4-5 hours so in total they end up spending almost 24 years on that planet and that's my problem with it at no point did it feel like they were on that planet for 4-5 hours maybe 2 or 3 hours at the most.

Now i wont go into much more into this as it will be giving away key parts of the story and i don't want to do that to a movie like this. I will say though that the ride doesn't end there and if anything it just keeps getting crazier and crazier for me the movie felt a lot like Inception by which i mean the different layers the film has. I'm not sure if others feel like this too i don't know maybe its just me but that does bring me to my next point. Just like Inception i feel like Interstellar will get a love it or hate it reception by this i mean since its like Inception people will end up finding its story too complex and hard to follow but for me i was able to follow this movie just fine even with all the scientific space talk it has.

Its visuals were jaw dropping to say the least i love how great Nolan gets his movies to look with filming on film rather than digital like most movies nowadays. Film gives you something different something digital has yet to offer it just sucks that more and more studios are trying to push digital because its cheaper and more efficient but its great that some of the best directors still around like Nolan, Scorsese, and Tarantino still love to use film lets hope it doesn't fade away with titans like them still using it. Now onto the Score by Hans Zimmer while i did absolutely love it i did feel like there was a bit too much of it being used in the film by that i mean i would have liked a few more silent scenes of the spaceship just spinning around with the earth in the background or when its just out in space something to give off that "there is no sound is space" feel but other than that the score was perfection. One more thing i was hoping for in the movie was that there were more scenes of stars, galaxies, and of just being in space in general, although the movie takes place in space a lot of it is spent either inside the ship or on a planet so you don't get that full immersed feeling but what we do get to see like the wormhole, the space-warp, and the few shots of planets, its just simply amazing to look at but i do understand that if they add those scenes it would only slow done a film that was already approaching 3 hours... still though i personally would have loved it.

The overall acting was solid but that's to be expected with so many great actors and with most already having worked with Nolan on previous films that wouldn't be an issue. Yes of course Matthew McConaughey does another great acting performance but that's nothing to be surprised by anymore the guy has seriously turned his acting career around but Mackenzie Foy's acting performance as young Murphy was something i was moved by she is quite a talented young actress for sure someone to keep an eye out for later roles. Something i didn't really care for was Bill Irwin as the voice of TARS for me his voice just didn't seem to fit although i did like that the robot was the source of the few comedy bits the film had.

Overall i give it a 9.0 While Interstellar may not be a masterpiece it comes pretty damn close and for sure a must watch for everyone.

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