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The Incredible Burt Wonderstone review

Posted : 7 years ago on 21 June 2014 09:03 (A review of The Incredible Burt Wonderstone)

"This is what they call magic these days? This is some kind of terrible shit!"

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone is a good movie but i felt like it could have been something more. It seems 2013 was the year of magic movies as we got both this and Now You See Me sadly though neither of them was able to catch the magic i was hoping for. The trailers did made the movie look a lot better than what the final product was but i don't think the movie should get as much hate as it does. Seeing that this came from the writers that bought us "Horrible Bosses" i think its even more of a let down as we know they are able to conjure up major laughs especially when they have a great cast at their disposal.

The movie follows Burt Wonderstone (Steve Carell) and as a child was picked on by others and had to depend on himself but after receiving a magic kit for his birthday one year he finds himself really liking and just ignores all the bad stuff. While at school during lunchtime Burt is doing some tricks when he catches the attention of another school mate who introduces himself as Anthony Marvelton (Steve Buscemi) after complementing on how cool the magic trick was. They soon become the best of friends doing magic together and grow up to eventually get their own show on the Vegas strip. After ten years of doing the same performance every night ticket sale start to dwindle especially after a new hot shot magician named Steve Gray (Jim Carrey) comes to town. After trying to stage a comeback it fails horrible and after getting into a big argument Burt and Anton split up after 30 years.

Now its just Burt on his own he still tries to do the same act as before but it turns out terrible and is soon fired from his job. From here we see Burt try to regain his love for magic and performing after talking to his childhood idol Rance Holloway (Alan Arkin). The movie is does have a few good moments mostly coming from Jim Carrey but for the most part is rather unoriginal and nothing we haven't seen before. One great thing about the movie though is that it shows what a COMPLETE JOKE magic as become with Jim Carrey basically ripping off Criss Angel by doing a bunch of crazy stunts.

Another great thing about the movie was Olivia Wilde and while her character was pointless she was still great also she looked stunning in all her outfits. To be honest though Steve Carell and Steve Buscemi was a let down to me i was hoping for more but im sure its the scripts fault for that. It was funny trying to make Alan Arkin look young, no matter how much make up they put on him he still looked super old also James Gandolfini was great in this i was hopping for a bit more of him but at least what we did see of him was good.

Overall i give it a 6.0 For only being a 90 minute movie it feels like a 2 hour movie.

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Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues review

Posted : 7 years ago on 20 June 2014 12:15 (A review of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues)

"If you've got an ass like the North Star, wise men are gonna want to follow it."

Alright so i already watched this movie a couple months back when it was first released but i never reviewed it and i also only watched the UNRATED version. So this time around i decided that id watch the Super Sized R Rated version and while the movie does add an extra 20 minutes they also change some scenes from the unrated version. Like in this version when Ron and the others are flipping around in the motorhome rather than it showing each one getting hurt by frying oil or a scorpion they just show Ron taking a bite out of a chimichanga upside down. While the film did have a few great parts its no where near as good as its predecessor with fewer laugh out loud moments and a underwhelming lack of quotable lines. Now i have seen a few Fan edits of movies and television shows and while i was watching this all could think about is that this movie would be seriously a lot better if someone goes around and re-edits the film so it has all the cussing this version has while some of the better moments from the other versions.

Picking up several years after the events of the first film Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) and Veronica Corningstone (Christina Applegate) are married and have a 7 year old child together also both are co-anchors for a top news network in New York City. After Mack Tannen (Harrison Ford) the most famous nightly news anchor reveals that he is retiring he appoints his job to Veronica while also firing Ron in the process for lack of professionalism. Ron then leaves Veronica and the story picks up six months later we see that Ron is working at a water part but is soon also fired from that job so he decided to kill himself but hilariously fails. From here we see Ron get offered a job to anchor the news again at a new start up news station called GNN so he reassembles his masterful team again and right from the start they blow up in the ratings by changing the format altering the path of news changing it into the kind of news we see nowadays.

This was actually a really awesome thing about the movie as it makes fun of the kind of news that is being shown nowadays and how its not even about real news anymore just ratings. My least favorite part of this version was the random outburst of singing simply because it wasn't funny and seemed stupid to be honest really not sure what they were thinking when adding that. Another part that was rather lame was that in this version the boss of GNN doesn't want a story to run about plane parts failing off plans as he owns a plane company so instead of saying he will stop funding the news station all he does is to entice Linda Jackson (Meagan Good) by saying that if she just lets Ron do his "thing" that she will became major famous he also tries to have sex with her.

Of course just like the last movie the best part was the epic fight between all the local news stations this time they get even more crazier with the cameo's getting top names like Liam Neeson, Jim Carrey, Will Smith, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Sacha Baron Cohen, Marion Cotillard, John C. Reilly, Vince Vaughn, Kirsten Dunst, and my least liked cameo Kanye West.... UGH!.

Overall i give it a 7.0 The team was still amazing this time around Paul Rudd was just as smooth as he was in the first, Steve Carell was just as stupid this time around but only this time he gets a girlfriend better yet its Kristen Wiig who i just absolutely love so that was great, and David Koechner who shows he is still crazy in love with Ron also James Marsden was a pleasant surprise as i didn't think he was going to be that funny but he was actually pretty good. This movie is in desperate need of a fan edit im just too lazy to do it myself.

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Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy review

Posted : 7 years ago on 19 June 2014 10:58 (A review of Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy)

"60% of the time, it works every time."

Ah yes Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy i remember it took me a few years after the movie had been released to finally get around to watching it mainly because my friends had recommended it to me. Needless to say i freaking laughed so much at this movie with so many quotable lines and a amazing set of great comedy actors there was no doubt this movie was on the track to be a cult classic. It seems Adam McKay and Will Ferrell do every movie together as all five of McKay's movies have had Will Ferrell in them. This is easily Mckay's best movie but that's no shock because he hit magic with this movie as it really set off his career.

The movie follows Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) The famous lead anchorman for the highest-rated news station in San Diego. After the top bosses want more diversity in the workplace Ron's boss Ed Harken (Fred Willard) informs him and his team, field reporter Brian Fantana (Paul Rudd), Weather man Brick Tamland (Steve Carell), and sports reporter Champ Kind (David Koechner) that he has hired a new reporter Veronica Corningstone (Christina Applegate) which turns out to be the same woman Ron tired to hit on the night before at a party. After a couple of tries Ron finally gets Veronica to basically go on a date with him where she ends up falling for him and they soon start to date. After Ron is unable to deliver the news Veronica steps in and nails it which in turns leads to her becoming co-anchor.

Ron and the group hate this as it turns all the other employees against them and even to be made fun of by other news stations. After Veronica goes too far she gets Ron fired causing his life to become a mess but when duty calls Ron must redeem himself to retake his thrown as the best anchorman in San Diego. The movie has so many hilarious moments my two favorite being the major battle between all the news station, this is when we see a lot of cameos none funnier than Ben Stiller another great moment is the Jack Black part i lost it at those two parts the most and started to cry back when i had first seen it. Even though its lost some of its luster of the past years Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy still to this day stands as one of the best comedy movies of the 2000's also one of the most quotable movies off all time.

Overall i give it a 8.0 I would say the movie has a story but it really doesn't which honestly is amazing that a movie with literally no story can still be so great its because of that all star cast but also because of all the people who made cameos, Vince Vaughn, Tim Robbins, Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Luke Wilson, Seth Rogen, Chris Parnell, Fred Armisen, Danny Trejo, Paul F. Tompkins all were excellent.

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The Lego Movie review

Posted : 7 years ago on 18 June 2014 11:07 (A review of The Lego Movie)

"MasterBuilders spend years training themselves to clear their minds enough to have even a fleeting glimpse of The Man Upstairs and yet, your mind is already so prodigiously empty that there is nothing in it to clear away in the first place. With proper training you could become a great MasterBuilder."

It's strange when a movie that comes out in the beginning of the year does so well at both the box office and with critical reception but The Lego Movie absolutely blows both of those out of the water. Now seeing that both Chris Miller and Phil Lord wrote/directed this movie i think they might be my new favorite comedy directors as i have loved their last three movies those being This, and both 21 and 22 Jump Street. The 3D Animation is amazing yet still retro with how it looks like its stop motion, this is most noticeable when you see the waves in the blocky ocean. The Lego movie is a fast paced, action packed, thrill ride, loaded with an abundance of humor, and an amazing set of actors lending their voices to many, many Lego characters.

Our story follow a normal construction worker named Emmet Brickowski (Chris Pratt) from the town of Bricksburg owned by Lord Business (Will Ferrell). Emmet is just your everyday normal do it by the instructions guy and while after work hours one night he notices someone looking around for something on the work site as he is about to call the police they take their hood off and Emmet notices that its a really hot woman. Emmet is struck with awe and cannot even complete his sentence just then she happens to run away and Emmet starts to run after her but falls into a hole and finds the "Piece of Resistance". After touching it Emmet receives a crazy vision and passes out, he awakens with the piece of resistance stuck on his back and in the custody of Lord Business lieutenant Bad Cop (Liam Neeson) this is where he learns the plans of Lord Business to cover the entire world in Kragle which happens to turn out to be a tube of Krazy Glue with some of the letters scratched out.

Just as they are about to take the Piece of Resistance a mystery person shows up and saves Emmet which we soon find out happens to be the same woman person Emmet saw at this work, she says her name is Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks) and she goes on to tell Emmet that he is the most special, and most important person in all the world. Of course Emmet is still struck with how beautiful she is just agrees to everything she says in which we later find out everything she thought about him turns out to be wrong. Now we have our movie where we see Emmet go from a normal guy to being the savior of The Lego Universe with the help of his friends of course. We see The Lego Universe comes to life when are introduced to other Lego lands like The Old West, Pirate's Cove, Vikings Landing and my absolute favorite Middle Zealand. A big reason to why this movie was so awesome is all the cameo's the movie has like Shaquille O'Neal as his Lego self, Nick Offerman as Metal Beard, Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill as Superman and Green Lantern, also the tons of characters that didn't get a voice but just a cameo, and it was finally great to see Cobie Smulders as Wonder Woman even if it was just her voice acting because she was the actress back in 2005 on Joss Whedon's short list for his now scrapped Wonder Woman project.

My only problem with the movie was the ending and that it brings in real life and real life drama into the movie which honestly wasn't needed to make its point. Even though the ending was my least favorite part it had my most favorite scene, where Emmet is talking to Lord Business about him not having to be a bad person anymore. Now i see people saying Will Arnett as Batman was the best character from the movie and sure he was great but personally i laughed harder with Benny (Charlie Day) especially at the spaceship part. SPACESHIP!!!!!! SPACESHIP!!!!!! SPACESHIP!!!!!! SPACESHIP!!!!!! SPACESHIP!!!!!! SPACESHIP!!!!!! SPACESHIP!!!!!! SPACESHIP!!!!!! SPACESHIP!!!!!!

Overall i give it a 8.5 I seriously can't wait for the Ninjago spin-off movie in 2016 and The Lego Movie sequel in 2017

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Source Code review

Posted : 7 years ago on 17 June 2014 12:56 (A review of Source Code)

"Source Code is not time travel. Rather, Source Code is time re-assignment. It gives us access to a parallel reality."

Source Code is a top notch sci-fi thriller with an engaging story, a great lead actor that carries the film, and honestly after watching it i was rather mad at myself that it took me this long to see it. I have actually owned the movie since its been out on Blu ray but i just never got around to watching it. Lately though I've been trying to watch more movies i haven't seen so this was next up on the list also i justed watched Edge of Tomorrow last week so that also made me want to see this. Just like with Edge of Tomorrow this movie has been called a ripoff of "Groundhogs Day" which seriously sounds so stupid because its not like every other movie takes the formula of a successful film and then makes a movie with its own story based off that.

The movie follows Captain Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) a U.S. Army helicopter pilot. Colter wakes up on a train dazed and not sure where he is as he was last aware of being on a mission in Afghanistan. He is sitting next to a woman Christina Warren (Michelle Monaghan) she acts likes she knows him and this freaks him he looks around for a bit then he notices a strange reflection in the window so he heads to the bathroom to figure out that he is not is his own body but the body of another person. Just when he leaves the bathroom Michelle and him start to argue about who he really is and then BOOM! the train blows up and we see Colter wake up into what seems to be the real world. This is when he is introduced to Colleen Goodwin (Vera Farmiga) all she does is ask questions about the train but Colter doesn't remember anything so she sends him back in to find the bomb and to find the person responsible.

So now we have our movie in which it does show several moments over and over again which i guess some people had a problem with but i didn't find it a problem. Now something that wasn't so much of a problem but was still something that could have made the movie just a little better was. The "Source Code" program people that were highly under developed but seeing that the story doesn't call for them being a big part it wasn't that big of a problem still though a little more info on them would have been nice. I will say my biggest problem with the movie is its beyond bland villain and his ultra cliche reasoning for why he is doing this and just like Non-Stop it was so much great build up for a underwhelming ending also was him being dead supposed to be a twist because they tell you before hand that only a dead person can use the source code program so that was a dead give away, i caught it i guess many didn't.

Overall i give it a 7.5 Jake Gyllenhaal does another fantastic performance, I seriously don't understand why some people don't like the guy he is a exceptional actor.

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22 Jump Street review

Posted : 7 years ago on 16 June 2014 06:54 (A review of 22 Jump Street)

"We shoot dicks off here at jump street"

Ah yes its rare that a reboot is successful but what's even more rare is when the sequel to the reboot is just as great if not better than the reboot itself. 22 Jump Street is pure awesomeness with plenty of action, and laugh out loud humor, i seriously did not stop laughing from start to finish because right out of the gate they had a little "previously on Jump Street" thing then it goes into a montage of clips from 21 Jump Street which was funny to me because it was a little nod to the tv show. I even cried a couple of times because of how hilarious the movie is which honestly was a great thing because after watching that crap Seth Macfarlane Western Comedy "A Million Ways to Die in the West" i needed a movie that would with out a doubt make me laugh and this delivered on all cylinders. You know that saying "If it ain't broke don't fix it" because that's basically what the directors and writers did with this and surprisingly it worked.

Following the events of 21 Jump Street Morton Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Greg Jenko (Channing Tatum) are hot shots at their police department but instead of sticking with the Jump Street program they decide that they want to tryout being real cops protecting the town. While on a undercover mission they get made out to be cops and a big shoot out and car chase happens but the bad guys happen to get away with the drugs. This is when they get talked to again by their Chief (Nick Offerman) who then says they are being put back into the Jump Street program so they don't mess up anymore. Only this time the Koreans bought back their church so now they have a new kick ass headquarters that's across the street at the Vietnamese Church with "Vietnamese Jesus".

From here we figure out the movies story which for the most part is the same as the first. Some new synthetic drug is making its way around a local college and one kid has died taking it so now its up to Schmidt and Jenko to get in and find out who is making the drugs. Once they are in college the movie has plenty of hilariously crazy moments also many awkward "Bro" moments mainly between Jenko and his new friend Zook (Wyatt Russell) which compared to Dave Franco who was the main new friend in the previous movie was a letdown as he wasn't funny at all at least Franco was a likable douche this guy was just a douche. Schmidt's story when at college is kinda the same as he has a girlfriend which at times does kinda slow the movie down but it SERIOUSLY pays off later as it leads to one of the most hilarious parts of the movie.

What's cool about this movie's villain is that he was a major villain from 90's movies and its great because he is always bring up the past like when they are talking about the drugs he asks why not stick to older drugs like "coke" or "heroin" as those were the main drugs of choice for movies back then. Another great part was Nick Offerman's part and just like the first he talks shit about the actual movie saying " Ladies nobody gave a shit about the Jump Street reboot, but you got lucky. So now this department has invested a lot of money to make sure Jump Street keeps going." its things like that which can make a movie based off a tv show awesome.

Overall i give it a 8.5 Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum absolutely have amazing chemistry together and considering that 23rd Jump Street was teased a couple times throughout the movie i would love another one but seeing that this is looking like a $55-60 million dollar weekend for 22 Jump Street another sequel is bound to happen. Ice Cube again was flipping hilarious with his stand out vocal acting in which he steals every scene he is in.

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Puss in Boots review

Posted : 7 years ago on 15 June 2014 11:46 (A review of Puss in Boots)

"You made the cat angry. You do not want to make the cat angry!"

Puss in Boots is a fun filled adventure with plenty of witty humor, likable characters that have an abundance of charm, top notch animation, and its one of the best animation movies from DreamWorks. Now i guess some people see this movie as a cash grab and lets be honest it is but that doesn't take away that this movie was way better than the two the previous Shrek movies which sadly i watch at the theaters, but its also one of the best animation movies from 2011 in general. So i decided that id skip watching it at the theaters and just stick to a home viewing and seriously i laughed so much while watching it. Even though its more of a kids movie it still does have its hints of maturity at times like that Puss in Boots is a womanizer, also that he has catnip and says its for his "glaucoma", i totally missed that the first time i had watched it.

The movie follows Puss in Boots(Antonio Banderas) and it tells the legend of Puss before we see him chilling with Shrek and Donkey. As a baby he was abandoned and wondered for days before winding on the door step of a orphanage, the caretaker a loving woman with a great heart takes him in and raises him as her own. He is soon introduced to all the other kids during eating time and before he can eat himself the person next to him takes his beans then starts to write something down in a book Puss is mad but then is shocked when the guy introduces himself as Humpty Alexander Dumpty. Before Puss can say anything back some older kids come up to him and start picking on him that's when Humpty tells them to go pick on someone else so they start to pick on him. Puss then retaliates by beats up the three older kids with a spatula it was funny especially when little Puss Hisses at them. After eating during playtime Puss follows Humpty into a tent where we see Humpty planting the beans he took from Puss and seeing if they are magical but of course they are not.

Pretty much from here Puss and Humpty become the best of friends and as they get older they both get into loads of trouble by stealing things but after so many times of disappointing his mother Puss decides that he has had enough of getting in trouble. Not Humpty though who then tricks Puss into helping him steal a bunch of gold from the towns bank and while trying to get away from the law Puss leaves Humpty on a bridge to be caught and thrown in prison. Now from here Puss's only mission is to find the "Magic Beans" and "The Golden Goose" so he can pay back all the gold that was lost when it fell off the bridge back then. The story may no be the strongest part of the movie but it was decent enough for it to showcase its wonderful characters, Antonio Banderas as Puss in Boots was the best we seen of him yet and Salma Hayek as Kitty Softpaws was just as great although Zach Galifianakis as Humpty Dumpty did do a decent job but was honestly a let down seeing as i know how funny Zach Galifianakis can really be.

Overall i give it a 7.3 I just seen that they are making a sequel to this but sadly it doesnt it wont be wont till late 2018.

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Total Recall review

Posted : 7 years ago on 14 June 2014 11:27 (A review of Total Recall)

"Sorry, Quaid. Your whole life is just a dream."

Total Recall is a great sci-fi thriller loaded with tons of awesome action and without of a doubt one of the best movies from the 90's. This like other Paul Verhoeven films i used to watch all the time when i was young because it was just so freaking awesome. Arnold kicking major ass from earth to mars whats not to like it also has plenty of twists to keep you on the edge of your seat. Seeing that i watched my two other favorite Paul Verhoeven films this year those being RoboCop and Starship Troopers also the fact i haven't watched this in a while i thought that i should give it a proper viewing and review.

The movie follows Douglas Quaid (Arnold Schwarzenegger) a normal guy doing construction work for a living but after being haunted by vivid dreams of mars he asks his wife Lori (Sharon Stone) if they can move there. She is highly against the idea and instead purposes they take a vacation to Saturn Quaid avoids answering her by saying he has to go to work. While on his way to work on the metro train he sees a commercial for a place called "Rekall" a company that provides virtual memory implants of vacations for people. While he is at Rekall and about to be set up for a vacation to mars as a secret agent on a mission to save the planet but he freaks out killing multiple Rekall employees before they implemented the chip so they drug him to knock him out and they erase his memory of the visit and they send him on his way home in a taxi.

While on his way home he is attacked by a bunch of his co-workers and with no choice has to kill them he then rushes home to tell Lori but it just so happens that she also seems to be working with the people who are trying to kill him. From here we see Quaid as he tries to figure out who he really is and in the process makes his way to mars to find the people who are out to kill him. Of course the best part of the movie was once he gets to mars as we get to see plenty of mutants that look super freaky also tons of great action scenes. I just realized that Dean Norris was in this movie as one of the mutants so that was cool to notice for the first time but even to this day i have to say the 3 breasted woman has to be my favorite also the little midget chick was pretty awesome.

One of the great things about this movie was how brutal it can be seeing people get shot up, blood everywhere, limbs getting ripped off, maybe not as much as Starship Troopers but still enough to be brutal, personally my favorite part is when Quaid kills his wife Lori. I mean because really when do you ever see the hero kill a woman regardless if she is bad or good so i have to give the director and writers props for that. The story was entertaining and intriguing enough to make you think is this really happening or is this really just a dream and for some reason i kept thinking of Inception while watching this. The cast did a solid performance overall, Arnold was great like in all his older action movies from the time, both Sharon Stone and Rachel Ticotin looked sexy, and Michael Ironside as the main henchmen was excellent, the guy was born to play a villain.

Overall i give it a 8.0Total Recall is a movie with amazing replay value and is a must watch for everyone that loves a great sci fi action movie.

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21 Jump Street review

Posted : 7 years ago on 13 June 2014 11:38 (A review of 21 Jump Street)

" We're reviving a canceled undercover police program from the '80s and revamping it for modern times. You see the guys in charge of this stuff lack creativity and are completely out of ideas, so all they do now is recycle shit from the past and expect us all not to notice."

So basically it came down to which movie i wanted to see more this weekend either "How to Train Your Dragon 2 or 22 Jump Street" having watched the first How to Train Your Dragon last month i decided that i should watch the this movie to see which one i wanted to see more this weekend at the theaters and for sure after this it is 22 Jump Street. 21 Jump Street had me laughing from start to finish which not many comedies can do that nowadays, it may be because i have only seen the movie once before when it first came out on DVD/Blu ray still though i highly enjoyed the movie. Now surprisingly i have never seen the the TV Show this is based off of and even despite it having johnny deep it was just one of those shows i never seem to watch while growing up so i never gave it a chance later on but after watching this i really want to check out the old stuff to see if it was just as great. It seems like a lot of people that had watched the TV Show didn't care to see a modern movie based on it and clearly by the reception it received from people its either they love it or hate it, i can say though right now i highly doubt my rating for this movie will change once i start watching the TV Show.

The movie starts out in 2005 and follows Morton Schmidt (Jonah Hill) a goofy looking Eminem wannabe and while trying to ask a really hot girl out to prom he is rudely interrupted by Greg Jenko (Channing Tatum) a asshole jock who makes fun of him by calling him a nerd and saying that the chick is way out of his league. Schmidt gets embarrass and quickly walks away while Jenko is called into the principles office and is told that he can not attend prom as he has too low of grades. The movie then picks up seven years later, Schmidt is trying to enlist as a police officer and who does he see at registration, Jenko who then happens to recognizes Schmidt and says to him "not so slim shady, Whats up". They soon become friends as they help each other out with what area's they are lacking in Schmidt's being the physical aspect while Jenko's being the mental aspect of being a cop.

After awhile they graduate the police academy and now are official cops but instead of car chases and gun fights they are stuck on park duty riding bicycles with nothing to do but when they see a group of bikers smoking weed they jump into action. From here we see them get put into a undercover program for young immature cops called "21 Jump Street" led by Captain Dickson (Ice Cube) which seriously had me laughing so hard every time he spoke. Now we have our movie which has both Schmidt and Jenko back in high school only this time around it seems Schmidt is part of the popular group while Jenko is a nerd. Its the total opposite of what they originally were back then and now their job is to find out who is making this new type of drug that kids are overdosing on.

Seriously though this movie has so many funny moments from start to finish that it over shadows how hollow the overall plot is. Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum have amazing chemistry together seriously i cant remember the last time i laughed this hard while watching a buddy cop movie even the Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy movie "The Heat" was no match for how great this movie was. Ice Cube was pure comedic gold see this is why he is a much better actor in rated R movies rather than PG-13 movies like he was in "Ride Along". Nick Offerman was great as the chief of police despite us not seeing that much of him also seeing Johnny Depp at the end was so crazy in no way did i realize that was him, it was even crazier when you see him and his partner Peter DeLuise who was also in the TV version of 21 Jump Street die and they have their own little moment during a gun fight which seemed rather funny to me.

Overall i give it a 8.0 Seeing all the reviews, trailers, and tv spots, i have high hopes that the sequel will be just as great as this.

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Non-Stop review

Posted : 7 years ago on 12 June 2014 11:06 (A review of Non-Stop)

Going into Non-Stop i knew this movie was going to be unbelievable with a simple plot but to my surprise the movie was actually pretty good. The movie is a thrill ride no doubt about that and it had me on the edge of my seat the whole time, its also really intense, fast paced, and well acted. I guess some people say the scenarios that take place in the film are unrealistic but honestly its nothing out of the ordinary for this genre. It seems like some people don't care if a movie is unrealistic mainly superhero movies but then with movies like this they expect realism. This is my second viewing of the movie first time was at the theaters and honestly it really did't catch my attention so that's why my first rating for it was average and i left a lazy review here but after just watching it i have to say i really enjoyed it more this time around.

The film follows Bill Marks (Liam Neeson) a United States Air Marshal with a bit of a drinking problem and while on a flight from New York to London he receives a text message on his secure cell phone stating that if they do not get $150 million dollars transferred into an account they are going to kill someone on the plane every 20 minutes. Now we have our movie and which for the most part it consist of Marks, a few crew members, and Mark's side passenger Jen Summers (Julianne Moore) who he trust because she was sleeping next to him when he started to receive the messages. After trying a few ways to figure out the person and after a couple people die Marks starts to trust no one but that's not his only problem is seems the account that the money was supposed to be wired to was in his name so now the government thinks he is the one trying to hijack the plane. Things even become worse when Marks finds a bomb on the plane and realizes that who ever is doing this never really cared about the money.

Now i really really enjoyed the whole movie but i felt like the last 15-20 minutes of the movie seemed to have some lazy writing. Now my biggest problem with the movie was the reason behind why the plane was hijacked it was just rather unsatisfying from a viewer perspective. Ill also give the movie credit for not trying to pull the typical twist cliche ending with who might be involved with the hijacking. The acting was great all around Liam Neeson playing bad ass never gets old it seems, also Julianne Moore was a delight to watch even though she does a basic performance. Director Jaume Collet-Serra and Lian Neeson have done two movies together both being good action thrillers i wouldn't mind them hooking up again to make another one.

Overall i give it a 7.5 Give it a chance people its better then what you'd expect

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